Assam Orunodoi Scheme 2021

Assam Orunodoi Scheme 2021: Apply online, eligibility, benefits and forms

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Under the Assam Orunodaya Yojana 2021 scheme, financial assistance is provided by the government to the needy people. This scheme is especially for the citizens of Assam. The concerned department will provide financial assistance to the citizens so that they can live their life in a happy way.

Dear visitor, today we will tell you through our article that what is Assam Orunodaya Yojana 2021 and will also share complete information related to it. Friends, this scheme has been issued by the state government for the citizens of Assam to provide financial assistance to the citizens on behalf of the government. Also, friends, we will tell you the objectives for which the scheme has been started, and who will be the beneficiaries of the scheme, what are the criteria issued by the government to be the beneficiary, what documents are required to apply to the beneficiary What is the purpose of this plan? So, friends, we will share all this information with you in this article, please read this article till the end and know what is Assam Orunodaya Yojana 2021 and every information related to it.

Assam Orunodoi Scheme 2021

Assam Orunodaya Scheme 2021

Assam Orunodaya Scheme 2021: Basic Information

The following is the basic information related to the Assam Orunodaya Yojana 2021 scheme, please pay attention to it.

Friends Assam state government is good to go with the Orunodoi scheme from October 2, 2020.
It aims to provide financial assistance to about 17 lakh families in the state.
According to Finance Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma, under this scheme, needy families will get Rs.
And 8 lakh eligible families will be given 830 rupees every month to buy food basics.
Friends, this Orunodoi scheme will be the largest direct benefit transfer scheme of 2021 Assam.
This scheme will benefit 15 to 17 thousand families for every assembly voting demographic.
Friends, they will get yoga on consecutive main days starting from October 2020.
The determination of the recipient began on August 17.

The objective of Assam Orunodaya Yojana 2021


Friends, the following points shed light on the Assam Orunodaya Scheme 2021, please pay attention to them and read them carefully.

  • Implementation of various services:
  • Friends, the main objective of this Assam Orunodaya scheme will be the implementation of various services in the state of Assam.
  • There will be various types of benefits to the citizens.
  • Friends that will be provided to the beneficiaries of the Assam Orunodaya Yojana.
  • The main objective of the concerned officials of the government is to help all the residents of Assam lead a happy life without any financial hassle.
  • Assam is a small state.
  • And what is the aim of the government from there to reduce poverty and help the people?
  • Many families of Assam will be benefitted from this scheme.
  • If you are from Assam and you also need help from the government, then apply as soon as possible and take advantage of this scheme.

Benefits of orunodoi scheme


Friends, in this scheme, there will be many types of benefits from the government to the beneficiaries, read the below points carefully. : –

  • A number of Rs 2800 crore has been reserved for this Orunodoi scheme.
  • Friends, under this, every year 10 lakh rupees are to be given by the government to 27 lakh helpless families through DBT.
  • Under this scheme, Rs. 830 per month by the government will mean additional income per year of Rs.
  • And 10,000 will be given to poor families.
  • Also, under this Orunodoi scheme, 25 lakh rupees will be given per school for 200-grade schools on the pilot reason for improvement by the government.
  • Friends Assam government is going to give free sterile napkins to young women in government and government-aided schools from VI to XII.
  • Along with this, the state government of Assam has started the Saraba mega DBT scheme from August 17.
  • The beneficiary’s choice will start with a field-level advisory group.
  • And with this, the bus will be the recipient of a plan to guarantee women its proper use by the family.
  • If you want to take advantage of this scheme then you should also apply. Apply as soon as possible.

Qualified beneficiary

Eligible beneficiaries

According to the official statement of Friends officials, priority will be given by the government to the following people in the Assam Orunodoi Scheme.

  • They are widowed women in the family.
  • The beneficiaries of this scheme will also be unmarried women.
  • Family with a disabled member under the Friends orunodoi scheme
  • Families who are divorced women will come.
  • In this, poor families will not get a ration card for free rice.
  • And at the same time, poor families with the National Food Security Scheme (NFSS) card can avail two or three-wheeler, tractor families under self-help groups by the government.

Not eligible beneficiary


The following people will not be eligible for the scheme under this Orunodoi scheme: –

  • If any member of a family works under the government or public undertakings,
  • So the family will not be entitled to get the benefit of the scheme.
  • Families with 15 bighas of land,
  • Families that own a four wheeler.
  • Who has a refrigerator,
  • Whose income above Rs.
  • Its 2 lakh, own tractors are not eligible for the Orunodoi scheme.
  • Family of washing machines or AC
  • If there is no female member in the house.
  • Former and current Member of Parliament / Member of Legislative Assembly.
  • Government employees
  • The doctors
  • Engineers
  • Lawyers
  • CA
  • Architect
  • Income tax payers will not be beneficiaries under this scheme.

Priority beneficiary

Purity Beneficiaries under Assam Orunodoi Scheme 2021

  • Handicapped
  • Separate family member
  • Unmarried women
  • Divorced women
  • Widow women

Assam Orunodoi Scheme 2021 Selection Process

Selection process

  • Under this scheme, the amount will be transferred directly to the beneficiary women through the bank transfer method.
  • In which this amount will be transferred every year for the next five years. In addition, under this scheme, priority will be given to those women like –
  • Disabled
  • widow
  • Divorced people
  • Unmarried women
  • Are isolated or disabled.

Selection Process

The following procedure will be followed to select beneficiaries under the Assam orunodoi scheme: –

  • This process will be started from 2 October 2020.
  • In which the district-level monitoring committee will prepare a list of eligible beneficiaries as per the guidelines.
  • Then an undertaking will check the list of eligible status.
  • It will also cross the list of beneficiaries maintained by the committee.
  • In which a district-level monitoring committee will be formed for the selection of candidates.
  • And the district-level monitoring committee will finalize the list of applicants submitted by the authorities concerned.
  • Then after this, a detailed application form will be made for filling by the eligible beneficiaries.
  • The concerned officials determined by the government will also collect bank details and other information of the beneficiaries.
  • Friends, after approval of the final list, the list will be uploaded on the portal
  • Then it will be followed by cross-checking of all the details of the beneficiaries.
  • After which the money will be transferred to their bank account.
  • The beneficiary list will then be reviewed after the end of each financial year to eliminate errors.
  • Thus the selection process will be for this scheme.

Application procedure

Procedure for application of Assam Orunodoi Scheme 2021

The applicant should be well aware of the application criteria and must apply for the scheme before the last date of registration-

  • Whoever is interested applicants who want to apply for Assam Orunodaya Yojana,
  • first of all, they have to open the official website.
  • Then now on the home page of the official website,
  • You will get the application form PDF option.
  • Then download the application form.
  • And then fill the Arunodaya Yojana application form with all the mandatory details.
  • Then after this attach the necessary documents with the application form and submit it to the concerned department.


Friends, we have provided you all the information related to this scheme, in this article, we hope that you will like this article. You can also avail of this scheme for which you will have to apply. If any new information related to Arunodaya Yojana comes, then we will update you through our article as soon as possible. Stay tuned with us. Thank you, dear readers, you gave your time to this article till the end.

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