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E-Gram swaraj portal 2020 App E-gram Swaraj Portal 2020 | Latest updates | E-gram Swaraj APP Details

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E-gram Swaraj APP 2020 – Brief details

On 24 April 2020, the Prime Minister of the country, Shri Narendra Modi introduced an E-GRAM Swaraj Portal. This article purely covers the necessary details and informations regarding the E-GRAM Swaraj Portal. Any queries dealing with the E-gram Swaraj Portal 2020, we will try our best to clear through this article.
E-Gram Swaraj portal will strengthen e-governance in Panchayati Raj institutions across the country. In addition, we will also tell about the e-gram Swaraj app.

E-GRAM Swaraj Portal

What E-Gram swaraj portal 2020 stands for?

E-Gram swaraj portal is an online portal designed and released by the government.
Keeping in mind about the future, E Gram Swaraj portal urges to be beneficial in keeping an account of Panchayati Institutions.
The e-governance will be promoted in Panchayati institutions through the E-Gram Swaraj portal.

  • All information regarding the Panchayat will be available to the people by E governance swaraj portal 2020.
  • This portal will ensure transparency of Panchayati functions.
  • Through this portal, there will be better transparency in decentralized planning, progress reporting and work-based accounting.
  • Moreover, E-Gram swaraj portal will be saving time both of the individual and the Panchayat.

E gram swaraj portal 2020- Advantages

The E-Gram swaraj portal has come up with various benefits as well as advantages powered by the government.
The following points highlight the advantages of the eGram Swaraj Portal 2020:

  • The e Gram Swaraj Portal App is the only digital platform for keeping an account of Panchayats.
  • Urban and rural people will now can easily access to Panchayat regarding the information through the portal and app.
  • The rural areas will be benefited through this portal.
  • It’ll result in connecting the rural administrations via internet.
  • This app will not hamper anyone’s hectic schedule.
  • Thus, it’ll consume less time.
  • In the process of digitalizing Inda,
  • E Gram swaraj portal and app 2020 will promote e-governance.
  • Now it’s easy to download this app on your mobile phone and can enjoy the features.
  • This portal will ensure transparency in government functioning.
  • People will continue to know how much work has been done in Panchayat and how much is being done through e Gram Swaraj portal.
  • E Gram swaraj will operate portal panchayats.
  • The functioning of the panchayat can be monitored.
  • The comprehensiveness of the schemes will increase through e Gram Swaraj portal.
  • Panchayat activities,planning, budget allocation, monitoring of schemes can be maintained very easily through e Gram swaraj app.

Get the official website link of E-Gram swaraj portal-

Now get any information related to the Panchayat or you are a Panchayat worker, accounts and other details through the portal given below. Transparency in Panchayati functioning has been ensured through this portal.

E-gram swaraj portal 2020 : Latest updates

  • E-Gram swaraj portal has made several new updates on its features, use and other respective details.
  • To know the information related to the panchayat, you have to visit the e gram swaraj portal.
  • First of all visit e village swaraj portal.
  • By entering the name of the activities of the panchayat, the name of the scheme, panchayat planning, panchayat profile, progress reporting, etc., you can know the information related to the panchayat through e gram portal.
  • You can also login to this portal to access all the respective necessary details of information.

How to login on e gram swaraj portal 2020?

E-Gram swaraj portal login procedure has been designed very efficiently which is quite easy for the visitor to access the portal.
Now login on e gram swaraj portal 2020 just by following easy mandatory steps carefully.
The steps are as follows:

  • Dear Visitor, to login on this portal, first of all you have to go to the official website of e gram swaraj portal.
  • https://egramswaraj.gov.in/welcome.do
  • As soon as you visit the official site,the home page will pop up your screen.
  • After opening the home page, you will see the login option on the home page.
  • Now select the login option.
  • After selecting the login option, the login page will open in front of you.
  • Now a form will appear on your screen.
  • Fill the information carefully on this form like username, password and captcha code.
  • Once you the details and others credentials enter the captcha code.
  • Now the final step, click on the login button.
  • You’ll be able to access.

How to download the E-Gram swaraj portal App 2020?

E-Gram swaraj portal 2020 : App download procedure

  • now it’s even more easy to get access To the portal launched by the government of INDIA. with the portal through an application .
  • Following is the process to download the E Gram swaraj app.
  • To download the E Gram Swaraj App, then follow the following steps carefully.
  • First of all open the Google Play Store in your device.
  • Now search for e gram swaraj app in search option in the play store.
  • Identify the actual icon of the E-Gram swaraj portal.
  • After this, you will have the option to download the E Gram Swaraj App.
  • Now complete the installation process as the option of installing will pop up on your screen.
  • Then the e Gram swaraj app installation process will start in your mobile phone.
  • After this, the E Gram Swaraj app will be downloaded in your mobile phone.
  • Open the app , fill the necessary details to login.
  • Enter your user name and password to login.
  • Dear Visitor in this way you can use this app.
  • Now you too can use the e gram swaraj portal and download the e gram swaraj app on your mobile phone and login.


Dear Visitor, in the above article we’ve mentioned all the necessary information related to e gram swaraj app and e gram swaraj portal so now its easy to know the transparency of panchayats and wards.
We also added the process to login through our article. If in case there is any update related to this portal, we will definitely inform you. Stay tuned with us and thanks for reading this article till the end.

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