Punjab Yatri E-pass 2020

Punjab Yatri E-pass 2020 | E-pass online Registration | How to make e pass

Punjab Yatri e-pass registration 2020 | Punjab Yatri E-pass registration process | Advantages | Objectives | Complete information | How to make online E-pass | E-pass Registration | E-pass online registration |

Punjab Yatri e Pass urges to help you to reach your home state.  For example, if you are a resident of Punjab and living in Delhi NCR, then you may face problems due to this lockdown in your current state.  Keeping in mind all the problems, the Government of Punjab has released the Punjab Yatri Niwas Portal.  To take advantage of this, people of Punjab have to register online on this portal.

Dear Visitors, through this medium, we will provide you information on Punjab Yatra e Pass Registration 2020, and also we will explain each and every process in detail. Please read it carefully till the end.

Punjab Yatri E-pass 2020

 Punjab Yatri E-pass 2020

 Punjab yatri e pass online registration 2020: brief overview

Dear readers, as you know that the lockdown in the country was declared by the government due to the Corona epidemic. Because of which people living in other states are having serious issues in case of traveling from one state to another. Keeping in mind about the problems of the people of the state, the Punjab government has launched the Punjab e Pass online registration portal to facilitate the citizens of Punjab. Now any Punjab citizen who is residing in Delhi or Delhi NCR and is having trouble in coming home from there, then he can register himself on this portal and come to his home state.

  • This portal has been released by the concerned authorities of the state of Punjab.
  • It is being said that those who want to come to their home state can easily come by registering themselves in this portal.
  • This initiative has been initiated by the concerned officials of the Government of Punjab State.
  • Through the Punjab Passenger e Pass Online Registration 2020 portal, people will be able to safely go to their home state.
  • Also, citizens entering the home state will not have to go through the screening process first.

Punjab Yatri E-pass 2020

Punjab yatri pass 2020- Objectives

  • The objectives of Punjab Yatri e Pass is mainly to help the residents of the state while traveling to be safe and healthy without exposure to coronaviruses.
  • The security of those who are going to their home state Punjab will be ensured by the government.
  • Also, after reaching their home state, they will be quarantined for 14 days so that the epidemic does not spread.
  • And at the same time, the safety of other citizens should be taken care of.
  • Friends, also keep in mind that those who are entering their home state Punjab from Delhi NCR will have to go through the screening process first.
  • All people will keep themselves away from their family members for 14 days.
  • Those who have not registered themselves in the Punjab Yatri e Pass 2020 cannot enter their home state.
  • Those who do not register themselves as Punjab Yatri e Pass in 2020 will not be allowed by the government to visit their home state.
  • If you want to go to your home for any reason with permission, then the first applicant will have to register under Punjab Yatri e Pass 2020.
  • If you also want to take advantage of this portal, friends apply as soon as possible and register and go to your home safe.

Punjab Yatri E-pass 2020

Punjab Traveler e Pass Registration- Major Precautions

  • Dear readers, while registering the Punjab Travelers Pass, keep the following precautions in mind.
  • The following precautions are taken by the Punjab Government for travelers.
  • Those who are beneficiaries of this portal after arriving in their home state will have to stay quarantined for 14 days from relatives of their families or from wherever they are going.
  • People visiting their home state should not come in contact with anyone for 14 days.
  • This will ensure the safety of him and others.
  • Once quarantined they will need to call 112 on their clinical condition day to day or so.
  • Also, it will need to report via the Kova app.
  • Passengers will be provided with directions along the way.
  • Every applicable information about the guests/residents of Punjab will be made available to the concerned experts and police headquarters through a constantly evolving framework.
  • The concerned Police Headquarters will fully supervise a customer inquiry through physical and special methods on the guests coming to their given places for the safety and security of the persons of Punjab.
  • Friends, if you want to take advantage of this portal then register as soon as possible.

Punjab Yatri E-pass 2020

 Punjab Yatri e Pass- Registration Process 2020

  • Following is the step by step Punjab passenger pass registration process for which the government has issued two methods.
  • The application process for Punjab Yatri Niwas Registration Process 2020 we have shared step by step, please follow them carefully.
  • You can register in Punjab Passenger Pass in two ways, which is as follows-
  • First by official website
  • By another official app
  • By official website

The first method to register Punjab Passenger e Pass Registration 2020 is through the official website.

 We have shared with you the step by step registration process of Punjab Yatri EPAS Registration 2020.

 Please follow them carefully.

  • First of all interested applicants go to the official website of Cova Punjab.
  • After visiting the official website, a home page will open on your screen.
  • On the home page of the website, you have to click on the tab registration top to register.
  • After this process is complete, a new page will be displayed on your screen.
  • Interested applicants can also remove the registration form directly by visiting that page.
  • Friends, a registration form will then appear on your screen.
  • On which you enter the following details very carefully.
  • Type of travel
  • Mode of travel
  • Vehicle type
  • Car number
  • travel date
  • Passenger Details
  • mobile number
  • ID Type
  • Id
  • current address
  • Travel details
  • Original
  • The destination
  • District
  • destination address
  • Then click on the announcement message.
  • After completing this process and entering your information, click on Submit this option.

 By official app

Friends, you can also register through the official app on the Punjab ePass portal and return to your home state.

 If interested applicants want to register themselves through the official app then you can follow this simple procedure shared by us below: –

  • Interested applicants first go to the Play Store or App Store on their mobile phone.
  • Find the Cova app in the search bar.
  • After searching the app, you will see the cova app.
  • You select the install option there.
  • After this, the installation process of your application will start.
  • Wait for it to be fully installed.
  • Then your mobile application will be downloaded.
  • After this, on the homepage of this app, select ‘Self-registration for travel through/in Punjab’.
  • After this, a new page will open in front of you.
  • On this page the registration form will be displayed on your screen.
  • Fill the information asked in this registration form carefully.
  • Finally, click submit to complete the registration process.


Punjab Yatri e Pass Registration: All information regarding the online cova.punjab.gov.in portal application 2020, we have provide you in detail through this article.  Also, we told you which two methods you can register.  First, you can do it through the official website and second, you can download and register from the play store on your mobile.

 Friends, we hope that you have understood the procedure done step by step. Also if any information or update related to the Punjab Passenger Pass registration comes, we will inform you as soon as possible through our article.  If you also want to go to Delhi-NCR in your home state, then apply this scheme as soon as possible.  Thanks guys, you read our article till the end.

 And stay tuned with us for more such new and beneficial information.

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