Rajasthan disabled pension scheme

Rajasthan disabled pension scheme 2020: online application, registration

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Application forms for viklang pension scheme complete information about the online application of Rajasthan disabled pension scheme 2020 and how its application form is filled up, we will let you know through this article today. The government of Rajasthan has launched the scheme for disabled persons with disabilities.

As you know, the government of Rajasthan has initiated the scheme of disabled persons with disabilities, keeping in view a large number of disabled persons and the inability to carry out any of them. The government of Rajasthan has done a commendable job in making the persons with disabilities financially self – reliant through this scheme. You will get the full information about the scheme through our article. you are requested to read our article till the end.

Rajasthan disabled pension scheme

What is the Rajasthan handicapped pension scheme?

Rajasthan government has launched this pension scheme to make Rajasthan handicapped people self – reliant and to improve their economic condition. Under this scheme, every month 500 rupees are given to persons with disabilities to cover their own expenses. Both mentally and physically challenged persons can take advantage of this scheme. To avail the scheme, a person with disabilities has to produce a certificate of disability of 40 percent.


The objective of the Rajasthan handicapped pension scheme is to make the persons with disabilities self – reliant so that they can live without any burden on them. $500 is given to each disabled person so that he doesn’t need to spend his hands on someone else to spend his time on someone who is suffering from a disability. Rajasthan handicapped scheme is for persons with disabilities of Rajasthan.

Every disabled person residing in the state of Rajasthan is given annually to a handicapped person to provide economically affordable support. If a person with disabilities wishes to avail of this scheme, he/she is required to issue a certificate of disability at 40 percent.
Under this scheme, funds are given by the government in the bank account of the beneficiary, thus it is clear that the beneficiary should have a bank account.
Benefits of the Rajasthan handicapped pension scheme are that physically and mentally challenged persons can lift.

Eligibility criteria

  • If any person with disabilities desires to avail of this scheme, he should be a permanent resident of the state, Rajasthan.
  • Anyone living in Rajasthan state with disabilities can apply for the scheme.
  • A certificate of disability is mandatory for you to apply.
  • If the applicant does not have a 40 percent disability certificate, he may be able to visit a community health center.
  • The income of the beneficiary’s family should be less than $25000 annually.
  • If any beneficiary is associated with any other scheme or is employed in the government, he/she too will not be able to avail the scheme.


The documents required for the Rajasthan viklang pension scheme must be documented with persons with disabilities to avail of the scheme.

  • Aadhaar card
  • bank account passbook
  • passport size photo – recently drawn passport size photograph
  • Income certificate should have worked by $25000 a year.
  • Disability certificate – at least 40 percent.

registration process

Online application form for Rajasthan handicapped pension scheme, Rajasthan handicapped pension scheme has been initiated to provide financial assistance to the disabled persons with direct transfer of funds to the persons with disabilities, to cover their own expenses. Registrations for this scheme have been started. If you would like to apply for the scheme, you may need to first register with an e-friend and ssoid portal or visit your nearest e-friend and public session center and avail the same.


Friends, you have seen how the disabled of Rajasthan can benefit from this scheme and get more information about the scheme, so you can visit the official website of the scheme for social security pension and avail the Rajasthan disabled pension scheme. Epigraphy friends, we have explained to you through the article what the Rajasthan handicapped pension scheme is and how you can apply. Under the scheme, persons with disabilities can join and benefit from the scheme for financial assistance. Thank you for reading our article to the end and knowing how persons with disabilities can register and benefit from the Rajasthan handicapped pension scheme.

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